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Formally trained at Art Center as an industrial designer, I learned the ins and outs of design and development by starting my own collaborative business with Superhappybunny, growing a leading design studio with Fuseproject, and connecting research, strategies, and brands through innovation workshops at Sterling Brands.


I have more than a decade of experience in design entrepreneurship, education, and program management with clients ranging from lean start- ups to Fortune 500 companies and major global brands.


The mix of these skills give me a powerful ability to take a product, a client, and a vision

from inception through launch and smartly beyond.

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Sterling Brands Innovation

Drove the creative vision and studio evolution in voice, capability, and deliverables as the SVP at Sterling Brands’ Innovation division. Consumer research, trends, and strategy come together into well crafted deliverables. Ranging from visualizing the future manifestations of a strategy to directing teams of designers + clients through the process of designing products.

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Launched the first satellite studio for Yves Behar’s fuseproject. As the studio + account lead, my focus was to bring communication, coordination, and direction to fuseproject’s creative endeavors for clients like PUMA, GE, The NY Department of Health, Nivea, and a series of startups, while nurturing the office talent and maintaining a cultural connection between the two studios.

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Co-founded Superhappybunny to license, design, and manufacture emotive home products. Over time, we evolved and grew it into a full creative consultancy with international recognition and a cult following.

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I have an irresistible urge to evangelize and educate the world about design. These experiences have helped me learn to tailor my leadership and connunication skills for many different audiences, and to help enable people (friends/co-workers/students) to identify their own special skills.

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