The Studio

SuperHappyBunny was an innovative visual communication and product studio based at the Brewery artist lofts in downtown Los Angeles. Individually and collaboratively, the studio became known for its rich range of creative work for our clients. Since the start in 2000, the studios grew into an idea source for startups and big players alike. Clients included PixelBlocks, Verizon, and Coca-Cola.

My Role

Co-founded Superhappybunny, A design studio that licensed, designed, and manufactured emotive home products like the NeoAmish seating, and the Fuzzies vibrator cozies. Simultaneously generated nation-wide sales of our products and international press on the studio in general.


Evolved the studio into a full creative consultancy. My roles included: general business operations, process orchestration, expediting innovation, resolving design/production issues, managing projects, building motivated teams, and ensuring client satisfaction.


Project : The Neo Amish is a pack flat seating that you assemble yourself (it’s even easier with a friend). They fit together with no fasteners or glue.. Available as a chair and a couch, each comes with a ‘bunny banger’ mallet and a silkscreened assembly poster. You provide the soup!


My Role : Designed in an early Art Center class, The production of these pieces was my first foray into manufacturing. I did everything from developing the engineering files, finding and managing all of the different vendors, operating the forklift to unload the pallets from the shipping truck, hand-packing each one, and even the sales rep. Whew


Project : Fuzzies are plush characterized cozies intended to conceal and protect a woman’s vibrator. These Fluffy, Friendly vibrator cozies were erected from the modern conflicts of personal desire, hygiene and the need for stylish discretion. Designed to be machine washed, these critters are the height of hygiene. Their draw string tails they will keep your personals contained even through airport baggage checks.


My Role : Much like the NeoAmish furniture, I was responsible for all aspects of design refinement, manufacturing, supply-chain, and sales.. both retail and wholesale. Boy, did I learn a lot that summer.


Project : Combined design + business to launch a new toy company. Over the course of the company formation and the product launching, we designed and developed branding, packaging, instructions, and product ideas.


My Role : Designed and developed packaging and product ideas. Drove a team through the process of developing characters for construction. Assembled the product launch at the Toy fair. Strategized a plan for future growth


Project : An early in house concept that uses food-grade table salt to activate an exothermic chemical reaction inside the insulated can.  Within a few minutes, a hot can of soup is waiting to be enjoyed. Conceived as a perfect on-the-go meal, the concept also translates to emergency relief.


My Role : Designed and developed every element of the project.


Project : Worked with the organization “See Better to Learn Better” to design, execute, and promote fun, durable frames for free distribution to children in need, ensuring that they have the tools they need to learn.


My Role : Managed the client through the process of learning how to manufacture injection-molded eye-wear, directed the internal design process from concept through tooling, and steered the launch strategy.