Absurd Meats

Tongue-in-Cheek Synthetic Proteins

A tongue-in-cheek take on the possibilities of synthetic meat – rewrite the potential of lab-grown plant-based protein products, with each product inspired by an animal that exists outside of mainstream food culture.

The Results

With products like Freshly Clubbed Baby Seal, Cross-Cut Giraffe Neck Steak, and Nearly Extinct Panda Paw Nuggets, Absurd Meats provoke consumers and designers to reconsider the trend of recreating natural meat products with synthetic proteins. Opportunities for edible adventures exist within the limits of the imagination, and can now be realized in engineering facilities with the cornucopia of flavors and textures available from modern food science. Absurd Meats exist as a challenge to the modern agricultural-industrial complex and a call to food science professionals who are committed to developing a spectrum of tasty, planet-friendly, highly nutritious spectrum of meat alternatives for 21st-century consumers.