Modular Farming GrowCarts

Imagine walking into a grocery store and pulling juicy grapes from the vine, plucking tart oranges from a tree, or ripping a sweet ear of corn right off its stalk. UpRoots modular farming GrowCarts provide an opportunity to realize this fantasy on the shopping floor, allowing users to literally pick the freshest, most nutritious produce possible.

The Results

Created to enable businesses to grow produce on site, each modular UpRoots GrowCart is a foundation for a controlled-environment agriculture infrastructure and can be set up anywhere with access to a water supply and natural or artificial light. Crops are grown under controlled lighting and are fed water uniquely engineered to give precise nutrients to each specific plant type, assuring healthy yields from happy plants. A “Root Train” process is employed to guarantee a perpetual supply of product, allowing for accurate calculation of production quantity while consistently delivering perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables to hungry customers, all within a single building. GrowCarts can also be deployed to harvesting facilities for Crop Circles and BigFarma, trucked out to satellite grocery stores, or moved down to the consumer grocery store floor. With portability built into their DNA, produce-laden GrowCarts from a central hub also have the flexibility to be loaded onto trucks and shipped to regional markets, providing options for users located in both high-consumption areas and food deserts.

UpRoots System Infographic

Let's see how this system works.


You can see consumers shopping on the grocery store floor where you can handpick your produce.


As fruits and vegetables are picked, new units are moved down from the upper floors.


These units are growing produce on premises.


Each of the different crops are grown under plant specific controlled lighting, And are fed water that is uniquely engineered to give the precise nutrients to each specific type of plant assuring healthy yields from these happy plants.


A root train process is employed to have a perpetual supply of product. There is a progression of growing units of each type of produce. This will allow you to be constantly delivering ripe produce and being able to have any calculatable production quantity all within the same building,


The grow carts are so portable that a central facility could also load produce laden units into a truck and deliver to other local stores that might not have the real estate to grow their own. This is an element of flexibility in the system that could have a significant impact in reducing the food deserts that are plaguing areas across our country.


This infrastructure can additionally serve both crop circles and BigPharma by harvesting directly from these growing units.. packaging into delivery boxes.. and loaded on to trucks for prompt local deliveries.

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