a Non-alcoholic Beverage that Harnesses the Power of Mushrooms

Hyphae is a line of premium non-alcoholic nightlife beverages that harness the invigorating power of functional mushrooms in combination with nootropics and adaptogens to help you and your lovers stay relaxed and engaged. We want you to be your best self and still have a good time. Developed with classmates Helen Chen, Yuko Kanai, and Wes Rivell.

The Results

Hyphae is our line of premium, non-alcoholic kombucha to fill that desire for a refined beverage experience. We learned from our audience that the landscape for non-alcoholic drinks didn’t reflect their desire for sophisticated flavor and ingredients that support wellness. Our hand-crafted kombucha delivers a potent, sour-tart flavor, which, paired with its natural carbonation, packs the flavor punch you will want to sip all evening. But with a healthy active culture for physical and digestive health.