Instant Tea Pods

TeaZing instant tea pods reinvent tea for modern, mobile consumers. TeaZing tea pods capture superior quality teas in a portable and east to use format: the pod’s spherical agave shell sweetens as it dissolves, releasing precision-brewed tea concentrate for iced or steamy beverages.

The Results

TeaZing instant tea pods are convenient, customizable, and creative. TeaZing instant tea pods are packaged in 10-pack tubes. Dial in the strength of your tea by adding an additional TeaZing pod to your cup of hot or cold water. TeaZing instant tea enhancement pods allow further customization of your beverage. Add flavors like ginger, mint, or coconut milk, and functions like energy, focus, or sleep. Build your TeaZing experience kit via a highly functional web app. Outfit your kit’s base with tea, flavor, and function pods. Further reinvent your tea time by adding additional profiles like sweetness, brew strength, and more.

TeaZing Concept

TeaZing Web Experience

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